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Hiroshima Saniku Gakuin offers three courses of study: The Standard course, the Maths & Science course, and the International English course.

The Standard Course, as the name implies, is the regular junior and senior high school curriculum as defined by the Japanese Ministry of Education, in which the majority of students are enrolled. This course offers the usual high school subjects all taught in Japanese (see the sample senior high curriculum to the left) and prepares students for their tertiary education at a Japanese university.

The Maths & Science Course is offered at the senior high school level only, which puts an emphasis in Mathematics and Science subjects. This course is designed for students who plan to enter a career requiring a high level in maths and science; it is particularly suited for those who want to enter medical school in Japan. All subjects are tought in Japanese.

The International English Course is also only offered at the senior high school and is geared towards those students who want to continue with their tertiary education in an English speaking country, or who simply want to improve their English language skills and become more internationally minded. In this course, 14 of the core subjects as well as elective subjects are taught in English by foreign teachers. Furthermore, students in their second year also spend four months at Stanborough our sister school in England, which aim is to give them a more practical experience in Western culture and the study of the English language.  


Courses of Study